Life Wellbeing LLC prides itself on helping leaders build and sustain thriving workplace cultures. By combining executive experience (including 12 years as President of Kirk Key Interlock Company) and the most relevant information in the wellbeing/wellness industry, Life Wellbeing delivers effective and innovative solutions for clients. By leveraging The Fusion of organizational development and employee wellbeing, we strive to transform a client’s workplace culture.

Life Wellbeing can assist in a variety of ways by addressing organizational and employee wellbeing needs. By blending my own experience in workplace culture transformation, leadership development, Intrinsic Coaching®, and wellbeing programming, I am able to work with clients to customize solutions that will truly engage people and provide sustainable results.

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Life Wellbeing utilizes the approach developed by the co-founders of Salveo Partners, Dr. Rosie Ward and Dr. Jon Robison, to bring about positive change in your workplace culture.

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For Executive Coaching clients, Life Wellbeing draws from 16 years of experience in developing executive leaders, while infusing Intrinsic Coaching® techniques to bring out the client’s best thinking.

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Anyone in an organization can benefit from Intrinsic Coaching sessions. From entry level to C-suite, when someone let’s their intrinsic thinking lead the way, it can help them achieve their potential.

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Value systems, not personality, determine judgment and work success. People can have pleasing and engaging personalities. They may even have the prerequisite skill sets, experiences, and knowledge your organization requires. However, if they do not possess good judgment – the determining factor in how every other talent and capability they offer is utilized – successful outcomes are often not realized.

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Leveraging a career spanning Internet technology (1995-1997) to consumer goods (1998-2000) to industrial safety (2000-2016), Scott brings a unique perspective to board room discussions.

At Kirk Key Interlock Company, Scott held roles in sales, marketing and finance before becoming president in 2003. In 2011, Scott led Kirk through the process of being acquired by Halma plc (London Stock Exchange: HLMA). Scott continued on as president until resigning in 2016.

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July 20, 2018

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July 20, 2018

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